The concrete products your project needs


Once regarded as a material solely used for the construction of buildings, these days, visual concrete can be used for an extensive range of applications. Thanks to new casting techniques, the potential is there to meet just about any architectural need.


At CubeX Industries Ltd, our design team will work with architects and designers to come up with a fully engineered bespoke solution with any of the following products:

Facades, panels and screens​

Working with Reckli, a leading manufacturer of rubber moulds, we produce high-performing facades and wall panelling for interior and exterior use. These can be completed in a broad spectrum of colours or with a photocatalytic coating, which allows them to be self-cleaning.

Landscape architecture​

Essentially a self-sufficient vertical garden, our living walls allow for a watering system and lighting to bring life into an otherwise unused space. We also avoid the use of steel in our products, so there’s no risk of rust, and this quality, along with UHPC’s high impact resistance, makes visual concrete ideal for sea walls.


Kitchen countertops and tables

At CubeX, we collaborate with an architectural designer and are able to make both spiral and free-floating concrete staircases. Featuring an open design to retain the strength of the product, UHPC staircases are perfect for ultra-contemporary spaces.

Our worktops are popular with designers and perfect for settings that demand a level of durable impact. Countertops can be made to standard or bespoke sizes and in a custom finish, such as premium-quality Italian terrazzo.

Architectural furniture and objects 

When it comes to bringing people together, public spaces like parks are a vital part of everyday life. At CubeX, we have developed a range of modular street furniture, including integrated benches and planters, bicycle stands and much more.

Mould Design and Mould Making 

Using an extremely high-quality rubber compound from Reckli, we are able to make bespoke rubber moulds and form liners. This enables us to exactly match a client’s current design so that historical and unique patterns can be reproduced. Additionally, we have worked with marine engineers to produce rubber moulds that exactly replicate the natural coastline features such as highly textured sea walls with large surface areas.

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