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Established in 2019 by Charles Phelines in East Sussex, we specialise in visual and graphic concrete solutions. We're a design-centric brand committed to providing architects and designers with environmentally conscious choices for their projects. We aim to align with your vision and technical needs, delivering UHPC solutions that balance structural integrity, aesthetics, and sustainability.

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Although normal concrete is a durable material compared to others, degrading mechanisms such as rusting steel reinforcement, carbonation and chloride penetration can lead to a shorter lifespan. UHPC, however, can be deployed in demanding environments such as marine applications and cold-weather exposures thanks to the high durability this material offers. With a high load-bearing capacity, UHPC is also able to create more slender constructions that use less concrete and more recycled materials yet be more cost-competitive than conventional concrete. It is, therefore, an undoubtedly sustainable alternative to traditional concrete, allowing for more elegant designs with finer detail as a result of its unequalled malleable strength.

Our work

From mould making to concrete casting, the process of creating architectural concrete is a meticulous and artistic endeavor. It begins with the careful crafting of moulds, which serve as the foundation for the final product. These moulds are designed to capture every intricate detail and shape, ensuring a precise replication of the desired architectural design.


Mould Casting

Professional Rubber, Silicone, and Clay Mould Construction Services are essential for achieving exceptional results in architectural concrete projects. These services provide architects and designers with the tools necessary to create intricate and unique designs that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a structure.

Facade Finesse

Architectural Facade Design and Construction plays a crucial role in the realm of Architectural concrete. The facade of a building not only serves as its protective outer shell but also defines its aesthetic appeal and character. It is the face of a structure that interacts with its surroundings, making it a significant element in architectural design.


True Texture

Unbridled texture quality and detail in architectural concrete can help create a sense of depth and dimensionality. By carefully manipulating the texture and detail of the concrete surface, architects can play with light and shadow, creating visually captivating effects that add depth and visual interest to a space.


Concrete Elegance

Elegance In Concrete is a concept that defines the beauty and sophistication achieved through the use of architectural concrete. This versatile material allows architects and designers to create stunning structures that seamlessly blend with their surroundings.

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