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Founded in 2019 by Charles Phelines, we offer visual and graphic concrete solutions from our workshop based in East Sussex. A design-led brand, we empower architects and designers with better options that reduce the environmental impacts of their building projects. Our approach is to understand your vision along with the technical aspects to create UHPC solutions that meet structural, aesthetic and sustainable demands.

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Building a better world with Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

Although normal concrete is a durable material compared to others, degrading mechanisms such as rusting steel reinforcement, carbonation and chloride penetration can lead to a shorter lifespan. UHPC, however, can be deployed in demanding environments such as marine applications and cold-weather exposures thanks to the high durability this material offers. With a high load-bearing capacity, UHPC is also able to create more slender constructions that use less concrete and more recycled materials yet be more cost-competitive than conventional concrete. It is, therefore, an undoubtedly sustainable alternative to traditional concrete, allowing for more elegant designs with finer detail as a result of its unequalled malleable strength.

Fine and visual concrete products - British technology at its best

Our team of certified UHPC designers, engineers and technologists offer British technology at its best, reliably producing a diverse field of visual concrete products. Our UHPC also uses substantially less water and produces minimal waste to transform an architectural vision into a tangible product. And because UHPC is less porous, it offers resistance to water penetration, scratching and staining, delivering a flawless surface capable of intricate detail. Whether facades, panels and screens or novel concrete objects, taking advantage of the free-flowing aspect of UHPC means anything is possible and can be delivered to exact specifications.

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