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Our sustainability policy


CubeX Industries Ltd (‘’CubeX’’) produces Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) in Britain using the highest quality, locally sourced materials. Taking an integrated approach to our business processes, we have adopted a single sustainability policy, which is regularly reviewed and updated.


Our visual concrete at an ecological glance


Due to its resistance, flexibility and low cost, concrete is globally used for many applications. As with any product, however, it has a process, and the production of concrete requires energy and water, resulting in high figures of CO2 generation. With the production of conventional concrete, there is a need to consider the strength of a structure and its service life. The use of Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete, however, can provide a long-lasting alternate and see a reduction in natural resources too.


With UHPC, the water/cement ratio is lower than in conventional concrete, which increases the mechanical properties and durability of a build. This increased strength, without the need for steel rebar, also brings a reduction in the risk associated with reinforcement corrosion and means it is less affected by aggressive agents. From a sustainability perspective, UHPC is found to have lower emissions and actually reduces the amount of concrete used. This, along with boosting the service life of a project by tenfold - UHPC is transforming conventional buildings into eco-schemes.

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Eco-friendly innovation

Creating concrete products and buildings that last, our cutting-edge UHPC has numerous advantages over traditional concrete and other manufacturers too. For one, we have been able to reduce the amount of cement used and replace it with Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace slag (GGBS), a naturally forming by-product that would otherwise be added to a slag heap.

Environmental safekeeping

At CubeX Industries Ltd, we believe our only impact should be creating durable and enduring concrete. For this reason, we endeavour to make environmentally sound choices in everything that we do and work with clients, suppliers and employees in order to achieve our sustainability goals. The strength, ductility and hardness of our Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete means that it also requires fewer materials than normal concrete to achieve the same result. It also provides a viable solution for sustainable construction when you take into account the average traditional concrete building will last ten or twelve years.

Resources and waste management

We responsibly source all our materials from a number of local suppliers, which grants us more flexibility and greater control over quality. While we cannot ensure our suppliers always use materials from within the UK, our research shows these raw materials are easily mined, refined and manufactured here. Most concrete is also manufactured with cement, and by its very nature, it usually always has an impact on the local environment. UHPC, on the other hand, produces minimal waste in fabrication, allowing for longer life expectancy and resulting in LEED credits for the overall project.

Climate protection

Promoting eco-friendly construction, at CubeX, we set targets for reducing our carbon emissions. We also seek to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by finding alternative and renewable energy sources. Additionally, CubeX works with Swansea University to not only ensure a more environmentally friendly concrete but to also remain at the forefront of ecological concrete.

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A healthy, safe place to work

At CubeX, we incorporate health and safety, the environment, quality and responsible sourcing into everything that we do. Our employees are also given rigorous training in the handling of raw materials, and we provide the appropriate guidelines for the operation and maintenance of our plant and processes.

Client relationship management

With a close working relationship with significant bodies in the concreting sector, we have invaluable insight into the industry as a whole. This knowledge is passed onto our clients, providing support on sustainability goals, and in turn, bettering their relationships with local communities. Taking into account the needs of our clients brings many benefits such as enhanced reputation and a smoother planning process. Our visual concrete also promises to enhance the architecture overall and achieve a truly stunning result - sustainable design and build at its best.

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