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What is Ultra-High-Performance Concrete?


Fibre-reinforced and cement-based, Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete contains many of the same materials as its traditional counterpart - cement, supplementary cementitious materials, fine sand, and chemical admixtures. Although UHPC contains more than double the cementitious matter, the water-to-binder ratio is often less and the materials are balanced to create a denser outcome, therefore, creating a highly refined microstructure that provides exceptional strength and durability. As a result, this new generation building material is expected to have a life span of 200 years or more, even in demanding conditions, but overall, less concrete is actually used. What's more, it features a very low risk of shrinkage and creep, as well as high resistance to abrasion and shock, making it ideal for producing architectural elements like cladding and panelling. For more information, contact CubeX Industries Ltd.

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Visual concrete as a viable, long-term option

In a world where the environment is a subject more prevalent than ever, responsible and sustainable construction remains at the core of our brand and values. Our priority is creating visual concrete as a viable, lasting solution for buildings and structures that will last a lifetime and more. Our UHPC is also non-toxic, safe to use and can be efficiently recycled. Why build it again when you only need to build it just once? Enduring, beautiful concrete should be our only impact.


With its very dense, homogenous mix, UHPC has very high cohesive strength and is suitable for casting precise models for architectural and structural elements. So whether facades, cladding or architectural panels, we aim to create designs and products that genuinely make a visual impact. Additionally, our materials are sourced from local suppliers, which means we’re able to check to ensure that they are of the highest quality. What's more, we offer special finishes to meet our client’s bespoke specifications, such as a photocatalytic coating which breaks down air-borne pollution and impurities, ensuring the concrete remains as good as new.


There’s no doubt that UHPC has the potential to transform the precast concrete industry, and we’re confident this path can also build a better world. Specially developed to provide high preliminary and final strength, at CubeX Industries Ltd, we also warrant our products to be free from manufacturing defects for 20 years from the date of installation.

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Build a better world with visual concrete

CubeX Industries Ltd are experts in visual concrete, a fantastic eco-engineering solution.

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