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At Tunbridge Wells-based CubeX Industries Ltd, our designers, engineers and technologists create sustainable and visual Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) products. Using our expertise, we manufacture according to exact architect specifications, delivering the best possible results from selecting the raw materials to blending, testing and installing the product. In comparison to the traditional cement-based type, our next generation sustainable UHPC formula produces concrete that is free-flowing, low shrinking and has exceptional overall strength that is many times greater than normal concrete. Consequently, our visual concrete is an incredibly versatile option and ideal for producing high-impact and fire-resistant architectural elements such as facades, screens, living walls and other visual objects.


CubeX is an Original Product Manufacturer, making unique and bespoke products. We are able to design the fixing arrangements of our cladding products so they can be installed without affecting the critical path of any building construction, interior and exterior and after weather and wind tightness has been achieved.

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Our team is headed by Charles Phelines

Having obtained a degree in B.SOC Science, Charles has spent most of his life in design and build projects, with a focus on sustainable building material technology. He also developed and manufactured rapid foundation and wall and roof systems using both steel and lightweight concrete. In 2019, Charles went on to found CubeX Industries Ltd, which produces sustainable UHPC products, including unique structures like detailed sea walls. His know-how has led CubeX to revolutionise concrete, and as a result, we are able to offer a product that meets the demands of sustainability in design and construction.


Charles works with our in-house designers, concrete engineers and a dedicated team of expert concrete producers in our factory in East Sussex, Kent. The factory is located on a farm and this environment, away from the hustle and bustle, enables us to think about you, the client, and what you want.

Other partners

Our exclusive strategic partnerships mean we have the resources behind us to deliver truly innovative projects. Our partners include G-Cast UHPC, Swansea University and BlueCube Marine, where we proudly manufacture the concrete structures that bring harbours, seawalls and shorelines back to life.

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A dedicated UHPC workshop

Contact the CubeX Industries Ltd team in Tunbridge Wells for more information about our workshop, our products or how we can help your project to succeed.

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